Beths Cancer Fund

Supporters are: 

Andrew Klein = $20          Ron Buchanan = $20       Heather Quon = $20
Robert Bourdon = $10       Joseph Muench = $50     Anonymous = $20
Kevin Zierath = $20          Robert Evans = $15         Charles Dearing = $50
Willem Kossen = $25        Eldon Larson = $100       Dema Gamayunov = $20
Grant Kopka = $50            Chad Stanton = $100       Jerill Vance = $20
Ken Moon = $100             Anonymous = $50            Shannon Cole = $10
Dan Engebretsen = $100   Russell Haynes = $75      Jerry Brown = $100
Todd Fraise = $20             Russell Claridy = $50      Mark Bailey = $20
Mark Eaton = $100           Donna Presley = $20       Katie Dotson = 20
Anonymous = $100          Jack Houweling = $20     Anonymous = $200

Hello everyone my name is Beth Gidney I'm 52 years old. 

I was diagnosed with Stage 3a Lung cancer on January 3, 2017.
I have been struggling with a hacking cough, since the passing of my father that was also diagnosed with cancer in June, 2016.  

We have been seen by my general practitioner every month since then, because we were thinking it was a Cold or Pneumonia. However, the cough wouldn't go away! I was taking all kinds of things to get rid of this cough. I didn't start having breathing issues until I had a chest X-ray. It showed my right lung has collapsed. 

Then my Doctor ordered me to have a CT Scan done, and see a Pulmonologist. The CT Scan showed a mass in my right lung, and that the right lung was still collapsed. 

When I saw my Pulmonologist on December 8, 2016 he said I had a tumor in my right lung from what he gathered on the CT Scan. He ordered me to have a Bronchoscopy and a Biopsy done so the can see where it is. On December 20, 2016 I went in and had that done and I coughed up blood for 3 days afterwards.

Then I was sent to a Oncologist and he told me the results of my Bronchoscopy. He said I had Stage 3a lower right lung CANCER! Ugh!!!!!!!

I am asking for your support by donations to help pay for treatments to fight this horrible disease, because I don't want to die. My husband and I cannot afford the treatments that is needed.
We have asked family for their support, and we are now asking our friends.

Our insurance only covers 80% and we are liable for the other 20%.
We have asked for a rough estimate of the costs for chemo therapy and radiation. The lady told us it will vary depending on what the insurance will cover. It will range from $200.00 to $1000.00 per treatment.

Money is tight for everyone - We Know!!!

We have looked into GoFundMe and it states on their page.
GoFundMe's fee is 5% from each donation we receive. WePay's fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.
Wow!!! That's a lot of peoples donations in GoFundMe's pockets! 
We are in the need of the money for the doctors not GoFundMe!

We will list all of the donations received with the persons name that donated, unless they want to be anonymous. Then we will list them as anonymous, and the amount given just like GoFundMe does.We will also email you, and thanking you for your donation that way you know we received it.

Please I need your support! I will be forever thankful and in your debt. God Bless...

Pictures During My Journey

I was waiting for my Radiation Treatment. This was before my hair loss!

After my second Chemotherapy Treatment. I had to have a blood transfusion to replace my red blood cells.

Shortly after my Blood Transfusion I was admitted to the hospital because I was having troubles with Epiglottitis.
Epiglottitis is commonly caused by an infection. The resulting inflammation causes swelling, which blocks air to the lungs.
Symptoms often include shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, and sore throat. Fever is commonly seen in cases of infection.
When an infection is present, treatment includes antibiotics. A breathing tube and ventilator may be needed in severe cases. Thankfully I never needed!

Beth's Treatments Are Done!

On April 1st, 2017 I have finished my last Radiation Treatment along with my last Chemotherapy Treatment May 29th,2017. The Doctor has told me that I have to wait 5 weeks for the inflammation to go down too see how well the tumor has shrunk or if I need another round of treatments. Wish me luck and hoping my hair grows back!